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Weather you prefer snorkelling to sunbathing or would you rather be playing pool games than floating on an inflatable, check out the activities which will make your holidays complete.


In addition to the exceptionally rich flora and fauna, the big blue of the Medulin Riviera treasures a great number of sunken ships. These shipwrecks present a real treat for diving lovers. Choose one of the many diving centers that will take you on such an adventure, or offer you diving courses if you are a beginner. 

Horseback riding


Medulin has a ranch for horseback riding, both for organized riding and trekking for experienced riders or riding school. A unique experience that is hard to match is riding by the sea with a view of the big blue.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing


The far south of Istria, being surrounded by the sea on three sides, abounds in winds throughout the year and not a day goes by when the sea is calm. The gale force south wind jugo, northeastern wind bura, strong north wind tramontana or the landward breeze maestral during the summer months - those are climatic features of this area that attract a large number of windsurfing lovers.


Medulin Riviera has one of the most attractive mountain bike trails in Istria. It has a total length of approximately 60 kilometres and leads through all seven places and the most interesting natural landscapes of the Medulin Riviera.



Sailing along the islands of the Medulin archipelago and the many bays and coves of Kamenjak offers a magical experience and chance to escape from the hectic reality.

Bike routes

A unique Bike Route programme offers a possibility to explore the most interesting places in Southern Istria by bicycle. You can make a round trip of the total of five trails or simply ride from one attractive location to another, no matter which trail they belong to and without fear of getting lost.

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