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Our COVID-19 response

Dear Guests,

in these challenging times, we want to #staysafe by making sure you'll have a #safestay in our apartments. Our #safestay kits are available in all our apartments containing:

  • Face masks x2

  • Nitrile gloves x2 purple gloves size M/L and black gloves size S/M, both latex free+extra strong!

  • Hand disinfectant x1

From the very beginning of the pandemic, we are making sure that all the prescribed epidemiological measures and all health safety recommendations are in effect in our apartments and this is now ensured with the Safe Stay certificate. 

Here are recommendations from the Croatian Institute of Public Health that we are advised to follow to keep having everything under control:

  • it is mandatory to wear a mask when going to a shopping centre/shop and on public transportation

  • avoid any physical contact with other persons

  • avoid staying in the same closed areas as other people for more than 15 minutes

  • maintain a social distance of 2 m

For less stressful border crossing, kindly fill out the form on the following link:

Don't forget to have your booking confirmation/invoice with you as proof of your vacation plan.

The information from the Croatian government regarding the conditions of entry into the Republic of Croatia considering temporary bans, i.e. restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be found here:

Upon arriving at our Apartment Homes, please have your documents ready (ID or Passport) because we need to make your tourist registrations. As well, please prepare the exact amount in kuna or euro you need to pay for your accommodation. In case you prefer to make a bank deposit, please reach out to us so we can send you bank details - in that case, please note that the full payment must be made a minimum of 5 days before the arrival.

Check-in should be done swiftly in order to maintain the advised social distance and the 15 minutes window. In case of any questions during your stay, feel free to contact us on our phones 00385 98 954 1271 or 00385 98 191 4769 and we'll arrange all we can over the phone. Otherwise, we'll align on the next steps depending on the situation.

We are sorry that due to this situation we won't be able to give you a proper welcome as we are used to, but be sure you are most welcome and that we are grateful you’ve chosen to spend your vacation in our apartments.

We wish you #safestay and pleasant holidays!


​​​More useful information can be found in the file below:

And in the below links:

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